Shehbas Ramsheed


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გაწევრიანდა: 04/05/2021
  I’m Shehbas Sulthan Ramsheed and i did my masters in international business. Some of my competencies include Project handling, sales, marketing administrative competency, Human resource management, event organizing etc .I believe i can contribute much to the growth of your company.I’m planning to relocate to Georgia at the earliest, please go through the resume.
I saw the advertisement for client support consultant, then you find the one. Fluent in English, having my own unique style sense, I would like to join   the team as soon as possible, just for your reference I’m attaching two
Pictures also.
  I’m attaching my updated cv with this cover letter.If you have any queries on my qualifications, you can contact me to the email address and mobile number indicated in my cv. I’m hoping to get a favorable response from your end.
Contact number- +995  599 46 99 77   ,  +995  551 788 005
Shehbas Sulthan Ramsheed

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Human resource officer

  •  Capital group
  •  აპრ 2019 - აპრ 2021



  •  Kaunas university of technology
  •  იან 2014 - თებ 2015